Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Getting Started With StandUp Parenting

What can you expect the first time you attend a StandUp Parenting Support Group?
First, once you find a group, please visit at any time – no reservation is necessary. And your first visit is free.
A Getting Started Guide will take all new parents into a separate room for an introduction to our organization’s guiding principles and an overview of our program and practices. You’ll have the opportunity to fill out assessments that will aid you in focusing in on the needs of your family and allow you to leave the group with a plan to begin putting into practice.
Specifically, you’ll take a look at the behaviors of your adolescent, teen or adult child that brought you to the program. Further, you’ll take a look at your own parenting practices. You’ll examine the need for change and how it can take place.
Of course, change is difficult without all interested adult parties being on the same page. We’ll explore how you might facilitate this process in your life.
Finally, we’ll look at how to motivate the young person in your life.
By the end of the meeting you will have a good idea if StandUp Parenting is the place for you!
The bonus? You’ll leave with a plan for the week and support to carry out that plan.
Come join us!