Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving On In StandUp Parenting

The introduction process for StandUp Parenting usually takes two weeks. Why? We want our parents to get a focused start. We want them to be successful!
The first week we cover the topics presented below in Getting Started. The second week, Moving On, covers the essentials of successful StandUp Parenting in more depth.
With your Guide you’ll work on formulating a strategy for change in your family. This strategy will include learning how to motivate change in your child. Once again, we use assessment sheets. You’ll get ideas for consequences and rewards for specific age groups (pre/mid/late teen, adult).
Taking action to influence a change in behavior - both in yourself and your child is the next step. Once we cover these bases, it’s time to make a Plan for Moving On. We assess our past behavior and construct a plan for the week to come. We get support from group members (and give support, as well) to enhance our success.
The next step? Come back the next week – report, assess our progress and make a new plan.
Are you interested? Come join us!