Thursday, August 04, 2011

Renewing a Relationship With Your Teen/Adult Child – Five Activities You Can Share

You’ve reconciled, begun the process of reconciliation or maybe just hope to see it one day. In the meantime you have a desire to renew that relationship with your teen or adult child. It’s a tricky process at times. Sharing in activity can begin the warming process in a non-threatening way. I’m always on the lookout for ideas that are easy and neutral.

There are things that I do with my kids that might interest you.

- Texting – a good way to connect without being intrusive. I’ve used texts to send invites to family gatherings and to just ‘check in’.
- Reading together – read the same book as your kid and then chat about it. This can be formal or not. I’ve been gifted with books my kids have read. Our library has an Everybody Reads program – free books and discussion groups – a great connecting possibility.
- Writing – some of my kids are story tellers, just like me. I’ve put one story on a blog for them to read. One son and I have an improve story that we write together. It’s goofy and fun. It could be serious and thought provoking.
- Sharing meals – getting together for a lunch or coffee date – keep it short with light conversation at first.
- Work outs – a couple of us chat about our workout routines whenever we connect up with one another. How’s the running going? Getting to the gym? I’ve played tennis with one child (okay, chased a tennis ball). It was fun and got us talking.

These are five activities that have worked for me, over time. Have you got some that you can share with us? Are there activities that you aspire to with your child?
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